The Man

The other day I popped into an office down the hall and ended up in an alternate universe.  Building Codes. It’s like they couldn’t see my vision. Strange. All the people in my office are excited to support me and eager to see the results. Of course, they all live and work in sustainability.  They understand the benefits of simple living. 

Anyway, I go in to find out from” The Man” hat I worked need to do in order to make my tiny house dream legal. I mean, I do get paid by the gubment, so I should follow the rules.  “The Man” looks at my like I’m speaking a foreign language and basically tells me It’s not going to happen. Little does he know… 

Basically he says that in order to be a legal residence, I have to have at least 3 rooms. A great room as 140 sqft,  a bathroom at 70 sqft. And a kitchen at 70sqft.  

I totally get it, but I can’t do that. So frustrated, I’m sure the lightbulb will come on for me soon and I’ll know what to do. October is getting close. Almost time to put up or shut up.


Finders Keepers

After a tough day at work…(yeah, wasn’t very tough…I played with Photoshop and went craft supply shopping) I met with one of my PIC’s (partner in crime). We went tiny house hunting with three kids ages 4-8.

This may have been test number one in tiny house 101. Three kids, two adults in an enclosed space.  They were so excited to look at the tiny houses that they ran around in circles.  Little 12×28 circles. Over and over. And over.

I did what any good mother would do. No. I didn’t hand them an IPad. I sent them outside to play. And they happily complied. Playing tag and jumping in little puddles. It was great.

That’s what I envision life like in the house. You get tired of looking at someone….go outside. Do something creative and fun. Milk the goat. Feed the chickens. Water that vegetable garden I want so bad. I’m sure it will take some getting used to, but I think it will be a good lesson in life for them.

I can hear their angelic little voices whining that they are hungry. Hungry? Go get a cucumber out of the garden. Out of tomatoes? Nah….. got a whole row of ’em.

I kind of got off on a tangent.  Sorry about that. My whole point to this post was to tell you I found it.
I found the one.

It’s made by genesis and it’s just what  looking for. It’s 12×28.
Comes wired already, although I need to have it expanded for permanent living and make sure it can pass inspection. Double 8×12 lofts (at about 5 feet at its peak), windows… all for a great price!

We went to a few other places too. The prices for 12×28 all ran about the same price, but the features were different and frankly the sales guy at the first place, where I found the Genesis, was a lot more helpful and they seemed like they’d be willing to bend over backwards to either make a sale or promote customer service. that always goes a long way.

I’ll tell you more about it later. With pictures!



Sustainable Sustenance: Growing My Own Omelette

The primary reason for this project is financial. It’s a great start to be debt free in regards to shelter, but how do I cut other costs? Not really anything I can do about my car payment. Need that. Besides, it gets 40 mpg, so it pays for itself.

I wonder what I can do about that? I’m not really a farmer per se, so I’m not sure I can raise or grow everything we need. Maybe some of it though.

Chickens, goats, vegetables. Fresh eggs,  milk, cheese, tomatoes, onions, peppers…mmmmm.

Wait, am I planning on growing a veggie omelette? I think I am.




Swiss Family Henry?

I’m talking to my girls tonight about what it’s like to sleep in a loft. They were all sorts of excited about the possibility of having to climb a ladder to get into bed. The cute blonde one asks me if it’s like a tree house. Before I had a chance to process, I said yes. Then, that darned light bulb started to light up again… Maybe I can decorate their loft like a tree. So it really does give them the sense that they are climbing a tree and sleeping in a tree house.

Tell me that ain’t cool. Now, how to do it…

Maybe start out with something like this?

loft tree house ladder


That has potential. I’m not sure you would catch me climbing it to make sure their beds are made though. I’ll have to think this one through a little more. That is pretty darn cool though.  That might double or at least hide the railings that I would have to install to make sure no one falls out. I’d hate to explain that one to the ex.

So I could simply add extra rails and disguise it as the canopy of a tree. Drape it in Green fabric. I’d have to incorporate it into the design of the living area though. Not sure I want to go with green. Maybe it could be more of an earth tone type canopy. Like dying leaves in browns and oranges and reds. Oh, er, on second thought…. no. Green it is.

But it will be my green. Not a lime or neon green. Something muted and nice and sophisticated. Like me ;).

To see, or not to see…

I’m anticipating living in a house with a main living area of maybe 12×12.  That’s not a lot of space. I also need to have room for the stairs to go the lofts (that I assume I’m going to have). Hmmm. How do I do this.

So here’s one idea for a kitchen:

Hidden Kitchen


I really like this concept. It looks like an armoire.  Only it isn’t. It’s a kitchen. A kitchen in a box.

A few issues with it though. There is little to no sideboard space. Maybe attaching a side board on hinges to that section next to the microwave (where the food cabinet is). That way I can lay it right down and fold it up when I close the kitchen back up.  Maybe the inside of the doors could have hooks to hold cooking utensils and pots and pans and you know, cooking stuff.

Still need to figure out what to do with the dishwasher though. Ooh. Maybe a stand alone dishwasher that has the counter on top. That will give me extra space, plus I can just move it out of the way when I’m not using it.  That might work.

Note to self…. price stand alone dishwashers.

What to do, what to do?

How do I begin this. I have ZERO carpentry and/or construction skills.

That was my first thought, but a genius thought manifests in my head, and a light bulb goes on. Okay, maybe a light bulb didn’t go on. It may have something to do with the fact that my parents live in a little cabin in the big woods. Not all my parents, that would just be strange. The two parents with the blogs, but in the interest of telling a good story, a light bulb went on and genius ensued….

A shed. Not like those cute little metal ones that you get for a thousand bucks or so, but bigger. Way bigger. I’m into the tiny house idea, but not the super duper micro house. I do have three kids left in the house after all.

I decided to GTS (Google That S*&^).  Guess what I found…..

Lofted Barn Cabin

It’s like a dream for me. It’s all done! On the outside at least. It may not be the one I end up with, but it sure is the one I am aiming for.

It has two lofts in it. They are about 8×12 footprint, a little less than 5 feet high though. I figure those are going to be the girls rooms. One for the 12 year old. She needs her own space, then the two little ones can share.

That particular type of lofted barn shed comes in 12x, 14x, and 16x. If I have my druthers, I would go for the biggest one, which would be 16×40. That would be roughly 640 square feet, not including the loft space, which would give it another 200 or so. I don’t think that is too bad for a family of 4. But I’m flexible.

So, that is the one I want. We’ll see which one I get. We don’t always get what we want, right?

Now that I know roughly what size and shape I’m working with, I’ll get to work trying to figure out how to make my life fit in one of those. I feel good about it. I already have some great thoughts. In the professional world, we call those opportunities.

The following are logistics I need to work out to have everything come together. If you feel I missed one, let me know. There will be individual blogs for each topic.

1. Kitchen
2. Heating/Air Conditioning
3. Lofts
4. Master Bedroom
5. Bathroom
6. Outdoor Living Area?
7. Shed Cluster Living?

I’m suppose to go shed hunting with a friend of mine this week sometime. She’s interested in doing one herself too. She is one of my many partner in crimes on this. I don’t anticipate purchasing a shed until about October or so. Plenty of time to find just the right one.