The Man

The other day I popped into an office down the hall and ended up in an alternate universe.  Building Codes. It’s like they couldn’t see my vision. Strange. All the people in my office are excited to support me and eager to see the results. Of course, they all live and work in sustainability.  They understand the benefits of simple living. 

Anyway, I go in to find out from” The Man” hat I worked need to do in order to make my tiny house dream legal. I mean, I do get paid by the gubment, so I should follow the rules.  “The Man” looks at my like I’m speaking a foreign language and basically tells me It’s not going to happen. Little does he know… 

Basically he says that in order to be a legal residence, I have to have at least 3 rooms. A great room as 140 sqft,  a bathroom at 70 sqft. And a kitchen at 70sqft.  

I totally get it, but I can’t do that. So frustrated, I’m sure the lightbulb will come on for me soon and I’ll know what to do. October is getting close. Almost time to put up or shut up.


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