Swiss Family Henry?

I’m talking to my girls tonight about what it’s like to sleep in a loft. They were all sorts of excited about the possibility of having to climb a ladder to get into bed. The cute blonde one asks me if it’s like a tree house. Before I had a chance to process, I said yes. Then, that darned light bulb started to light up again… Maybe I can decorate their loft like a tree. So it really does give them the sense that they are climbing a tree and sleeping in a tree house.

Tell me that ain’t cool. Now, how to do it…

Maybe start out with something like this?

loft tree house ladder


That has potential. I’m not sure you would catch me climbing it to make sure their beds are made though. I’ll have to think this one through a little more. That is pretty darn cool though.  That might double or at least hide the railings that I would have to install to make sure no one falls out. I’d hate to explain that one to the ex.

So I could simply add extra rails and disguise it as the canopy of a tree. Drape it in Green fabric. I’d have to incorporate it into the design of the living area though. Not sure I want to go with green. Maybe it could be more of an earth tone type canopy. Like dying leaves in browns and oranges and reds. Oh, er, on second thought…. no. Green it is.

But it will be my green. Not a lime or neon green. Something muted and nice and sophisticated. Like me ;).


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