It begins…

I guess I should start this blog by telling you a little bit about me and how I came to the decision to begin my journey to build my own tiny house.

Here’s my rundown:
I’m a single mother of five. Well, I’ve had four. I acquired a fifth. There are three left. The oldest two have graduated high school and are in college and/or started their adult lives. You will definitely learn more about them as this process continues, but for now, we’ll move on.

My mother. Well there’s a whole different blog. In fact, she has one. Here’s her link: Phoebe’s Detention Room. My step-father has one too. Yep. We’re THAT family…. That Mr. G Guy 
My father is a Main-ah. He is blogless. He’s a jack of all trades. A master of most. I come from pretty good stock I think.

Okay, let’s get back to the point of the blog. I want to build a tiny house.  The reasons are many but the original concept was borne of financial need. I make fairly good money and there is stability for sure, but I find myself stretched financially. Sure, my bills are paid. I have a nice little house in a nice little neighborhood with nice little neighbors. With that comes a nice little rent bill and a nice little utilities bill. I provide for my kids, sure, but I ask myself, what happens if my stability becomes not so stable? What am I left with then? Home ownership is one way to answer those questions. Purchasing a conventional house doesn’t really fix the situation because I’ll still be left with a mortgage and utilities.

Then there’s the whole divorce thing. I’ve been left with nothing that is really mine. I look at building this tiny house as a way to have something that is just mine. No one can take it away. It’s not anything I need to give up because life changes.

So, I’ve started researching tiny houses. I think I found what I want to do. If you let me, I’d like to share my journey with you. My goal (yes, I know that this is bound to change), is to be in my tiny house by spring. Maybe I can inspire someone else in the same situation, maybe I can learn from someone else. Hell, maybe it will just simply be therapeutic for me.

Enjoy the journey :).





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